Stamping Press

Ultimate in press technology, the digital electric servo presses to open a world of unprecedentedly high value added forming. 

Digital electric servo presses consume less power and oil and produce less noise in consideration of ecology. The digital servo direct drive (DSDD), a fusion of a servo motor dedicated to stamping presses and a performance-proven crank mechanism, provides optimum speed and position control, and opens a world of unprecedentedly high productivity and high value added forming. 




SDE Series
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Digital Electric Servo Presses: Crank, link, knuckle, multistep, pendulum, pulse motion. Optimum slide motions and strokes can be set for specific... More

SDE W Series
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Digital Electric Two-Point Servo Presses: The most of of two-point stamping is made by development of digital servo direct drive for precise slide... More

TPL FX Series
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Single Link Presses: Unprecedentedly high accuracy, productivity, and deep drawability are achieved with a link mechanism. Eco-functions reduce power... More

TPWL FX Series
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Double Link Presses: These C-frame two-point presses come standard with link mechanisms. These are also bridge specifications (BI, BO, BN, and SF... More

TP FX Series
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Single Crank Presses: The TP-FX series adopts a highly rigid frame and a six-sided guide of construction designed against eccentric loading. These... More

TPW FX Series
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Double Crank Presses: A planetary gear transmission is installed. A wide bed is adopted to ensure stable and continuous stamping. A TFT color... More

PDL Series
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Knuckle Link Presses: Link presses with knuckle mechanism - slowdown near the bottom dead center and practical stop at the bottom dead center assure... More