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Date added: 01/02/2018 Parts Dept. New Hours

Effective January 2, 2017 the parts department will be open from 8am - 7pm Central Standard Time. Please send your inquiry to: partorders@amadamt.com or call 847-285-4800 ext. 603

Date added: 07/05/2016 NEW! Amada's Blade Advisor Web APP

Blade Advisor

Amada has just added new functionality to their website with the all new Blade Advisor Web APP.  

With the Blade Advisor, users select a few attributes about what they are cutting and the Blade Advisor will provide a blade recomendation along with Speed and Feed recomendations.

Click the image link below to use the Blade Advisor APP.

Date added: 09/09/2014 NEW- Dynasaw 530 Bandsaw

Dynasaw 530

Amada Machine Tools America is proud to announce the introduction of the new Dynasaw 530 bandsaw. This is a dynamic high performance saw feature many new technologies.


  • Dynamic Frame

Highly rigid frame that incorporates a newly engineered dual post system

  • New CNC Control Facilitating Ease of Use and Rapid Setup

Three different cutting modes for maximum efficiency: “Eco-mode”, “Standard-mode”, and “Power-mode”

  • Double Vibration Dampening Rollers

Double rollers reduce vibration resulting in faster and quieter cutting while improving blade life.

  • New Saw Blade Frame Design Results in Longer Blade Life

By reducing the twist in the blade, fatigue is greatly reduced leading to longer blade life.


  • Automatically Adjusting Wire Brush

Reduces adjustment time and assures accurate position of the brush

  • Open Top, Longer Feed Stroke Vise

27 inch rear feed vise stroke length

  • Non-Contact Material Positioning

Auto trim function using a laser to detect the material position results in shorter run times.


  • Smart Blade Change Feature

Blade support holder makes eases the task of changing blades

  • Chip Flusher

More efficient chip flushing is built into the machine design to facilitate up time

  • Burr Removal

Burrs are reduced by the unique design under the cutting area


Date added: 04/25/2014 NEW- DV1 Automated Profile Grinder


Frontal photo of DV1 with Automation

Amada Machine Tools America is proud to announce the introduction of the new DV1 high precision fully automated CNC profile grinder. This new design takes Optical Profile grinding to the next level – Digital.

The DV1 is an award winning, compact, chartless, and fully automatic, 3rd generation profile grinder.  Part qualification is fully automate due to automatic image measurement with a CCD camera. Using Amada’s exclusive software, complex and highly skilled operation have become simpler.  Grinders take on manually intensive processing functions.

Fully Automatic Part Production With Articulated Robot & Stocker

Optionally, the DV1 can operate fully unattended for maximum efficiency and productivity.  Automatic inspection is possible through the use of the CCD camera system and the exclusive software from Amada.  The articulated robot arm provides automatic wheel changing and part changing to provide continuous and unattended operation.