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Metal Cutting Carbide Circular Saw CMB150CNC

Productivity Features

  • High-Speed, High-Precision Cutting
    Parts are cut using an oblique-slide cutting mechanism. This ensures high precision positioning to +/- 0.01mm and an optimal rake angle for cutting bar steel. This design improves stability, resulting in higher precision and enhanced cutting rates.

  • AMADA MACHINE TOOLS’ Unique Carbide Tipped Tool
    The saw blade is a very important factor in realizing high speed, high precision cutting. Amada has developed a unique carbide-tipped circular saw that cuts cleanly and virtually burr free.
  • Capable of Cutting a Variety of Metal Materials
    This machine can cut a wide variety of materials including round bar and flat bar in a range of materials like mild steel, stainless steels, tools steels and nonferrous materials.
  • Spray-mist Lubricant reduces cutting fluid cleanup
    This machine incorporates a semi-dry cut system that generates eco-friendly oil mist, thus work pieces get less wet while cutting; resulting in simplified downstream processes.
  • No Clean-Up Process Needed for the Cut-Face
    This machine makes highly precise cuts, the resulting cut-face being very clean. By eliminating the surfacing work, like when materials are band saw cut, total processing time is greatly reduced.
  • Longer Circular Saw Blade Life
    Using an oblique-slide (from the upper oblique direction) cutting mechanism and cermet carbide pads, which dampen most vibrations that result from cutting, lessens the wear of the sal blade. Resulting in much greater service life of the circular blades and noticeably reducing the costs/cut.