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5 Axes Multi-function CNC Grinding Center

High efficiency and high accuracy are assured with the MX150 Multi-function Grinding Center.

The MX150's unique design combines together the capability of a 5 axes milling machine with grinding capabilities.  This allows the user to not only perform high accuracy milling, but also high accuracy grinding. This unique combination allows you to machine highly complex parts in a single operation more accurately and more efficiently.

Supporting 5 axes of simulataneous motion, complex shapes requiring high precision machining are easily created with the MX150.  


  • Positioning accuracy of 1 micron or less (linear) and +- 2' angular
  • Rigid high speed spindle, 42,000 RPM 
  • High power spindle with 20 HP
  • 20 tool (optional 60 tool) automatic tool changer
  • Fully enclosed machining enviroment designed for grinding and milling



Specifications may change without notice at the sole discretion of Amada's Engineering Department.