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Patented Varying Tooth Height and Set M-71 Blade for Metal Cutting Band Saws. Superior Performance for Cutting Work Hardening Tools Steels and Other Tough to Cut Metals.


Patented Varying Tooth Height and Set M-71 Blade

With its special alloying technology, Magnum Hi Lo achieves HRC70 tooth hardness. It maintains positive cutting action and outlasts other blades in production cutting of large-diameter, work hardening steels and nickel-base super alloys with tensile strength of up to 164,000 psi.


  • 15 degree positive rake angle
  • Hardness of HRC70
  • Hi-Lo tooth height
  • Patented M-71 high speed edge


  • High heat resistance
  • High wear resistance
  • Higher tooth hardness than M-42 bi-metal blade
  • Reduced cutting resistance


  • Faster cutting on difficult to cut material
  • Faster cutting on large diameter material
  • Increased accuracy
  • Long life on difficult to cut material


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