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Amada SGLB: High Production M-42 Bi-Metal Blade for Metal Cutting Band Saw

High Production M-42 Bi-Metal Blade

The SGLB was designed to cover a broad range of cutting applications and to provide maximum efficiency in sawing wear-resistant tool steels. The blade's tough M-42 cobalt edge resists heat and abrasion, while the varied pitch tooth form expands the ranges of sizes and shapes that can be sawed successfully without changing blades.


  • 7 degree positive rake angle
  • Hardness of HRC 68-69
  • M-42 cobalt high speed steel edge
  • Specially designed tooth form


  • Better tooth penetration
  • High heat resistance
  • High wear resistance


  • Fast Cutting Rates
  • High production rate
  • Long life on moderate to difficult to cut materials
  • Low cost per cut

Blade Advisor - Verify Blade Application, Obtain Speed & Feed Data

Specifications may change without notice at the sole discretion of Amada's Engineering Department.