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CNC Optical Precision Profile Grinder GLS 80P


Ultra-accuracy mold parts, advanced profile realizes “SHINING” surface

Amada is the world leader in CNC Optical Profile grinding. This technology has evolved radically over the decades. Historically, and even now, grinding specialists have labored in darkened grinding rooms to perform this highly skilled manual process.

High Speed Reciprocation Type, High Accuracy Wheel, Elevation table

  • The built-in high accuracy, high resolution optical scale delivers ultra precision feed. 3D design adds high rigidity and stable balance structure to address high speed reciprocation of 80 mm wheel head stroke (maximum), at 600 min-1 (limited stroke).

High Accuracy, High Speed Spindle (TC-20)

  • The installed high speed spindle demonstrates high speed, high accuracy, low thermal expansion and enhances surface finish.

High Accuracy, High Resolution Projector

  • AMADA MACHINE TOOLS' new lighting system increases luminosity by approximately 15% from other conventional systems. A +/- 0.1˚C control inverter oil cooler is installed as a standard cooling function.

Center-of-Gravity Bed Design

  • AMADA MACHINE TOOLS' new bed design optimizes the layout of jack bolts and ribs and eliminates deflection in the center area and increases static accuracy.


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Specifications may change without notice at the sole discretion of Amada's Engineering Department.