GLS 150G / GLS 150GL

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CNC Optical Precision Profile Grinder GLS 150G / GLS 150GL

Four Axis CNC Optical Profile Grinder with large capacity for a wide variety of profile grinding applications. On board comparator with bright and clear visibility allows operators to quickly and easily program and set up complex profile ground components. In addition component is inspected before removing from machine saving inspections and re-fixturing time. Provides unmatched precision and finish for punch & die, plus excellent productivity for complex cylindrical form rolls and crush rolls.


High Speed Reciprocation Type, High Accuracy Wheel, Elevation Table

  • The 155mm wheelhead stroke and 400 min-1 high speed reciprocation (limited stroke) has the capacity to handle a wide variety of workpieces. This is enhanced with a wide array of accessories and a large capacity wet grinding splash guard system.

High Accuracy, High Speed Spindle (TS-6)

  • The standard high power spindle (6000 min-1) is compatible with large diameter grinding wheels and allows the installation of TC-20 (20000 min-1) depending on workpieces to be ground.

Center-of-Gravity Bed Design

  • AMADA MACHINE TOOLS' new bed design optimizes the layout of jack bolts and ribs and eliminates deflection in the center area and increases static accuracy.

GLS 150G, High Resolution Halogen Projector

  • AMADA MACHINE TOOLS' new lighting system increases luminosity by approximately 15% from other conventional systems. A +/- 0.1˚C control inverter oil cooler is installed as a standard cooling function.

GLS 150GL, High Resolution LED Projector

  • Image clarity is greatly improved with LED technology
  • LED life is 30000 hours. Saves cost of lamp replacements.
  • Electrical consumption is lower thanks to LED technology.
  • Perception type illumination ON/OFF function is standard feature.
  • Low environmental load, reduction of CO2 emission by approx. 600 kg/year.
  • Provides confidence and stability for processing accurate, high quality grinding.
  • Minimizes work stress of operator.
  • Edge is clear and error detection is easier to see.
  • Highly rated by many experienced people in monitoring tests.
  • Processing accuracy and quality are improved.
  • Downtime due to lamp breakage is reduced.
  • Annoying lamp replacement work is minimized.


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Specifications may change without notice at the sole discretion of Amada's Engineering Department.