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  • TECHSTER 126

TECHSTER 84 / 104 / 126

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Medium-Duty CNC Precision Surface Grinder
TECHSTER 84/105/106/125/126


  • Proprietary Low-Center-of-Gravity Frame for High Accuracy Grinding
    The integrated high rigidity T-shaped bed, C-shaped column structure and crosswise overhangless structure ensure high straightness accuracy.

Integrated T-Shape Bed

  • Environmental-Friendly Non-Hydraulic ECO Machine
    The overhangless V-V slide surface table is driven by a ball screw to enable “crown grinding” in addition to high accuracy grinding at both low and high speeds. The non-hydraulic design reduces environmental impacts.

Capability of Grinding Concave Forms and Tapered Profiles

  • Machine Design with Both Operability and Safety
    Easy programming is enabled by the computer-based NC operation panel and availability of three enclosure types assure both operability and safety for operators, which increases grinding efficiency.

Original Graphical Software

  • Wide Variety of Applications for Shorter Setup and Grinding Time
    AMADA MACHINE TOOLS offers on machine measurement systems, interactive software and different dressers for higher productivity.

Automatic Compensation Enabled by On-Machine Measurement System


  • Mirror finish sample

Material : SKD11 HRC60
Grinding Wheel : Diamond #1500

  • Measurement Data



Surface Finish (Rz) (μm) 0.089
15-Point Grinding Parallelism (μm) 2.0
Stretch Grinding Straightness (μm) 3.0
Side Grinding Straightness (μm) 3.0





* Grinding data may vary depending on grinding conditions and other factors.


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