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Rotary Surface Grinder SSR5

The SSR5 is the ideal machine for precision grinding circular shaped workpieces. To achieve the highest level of precision for flatness on circular parts, the SSR5 is the ideal choice.  While ideally suited to surface grinding circular shaped parts, the SSR5 is also very efficient when batch grinding any shape parts.  As there is no wasted time reversing direction like a reciprocating grinder, efficiency is maximized.



Rotary Surface Grinder – The SSR5 is a true surface grinder in that the diameter of the wheel is what contacts the workpiece.  Similar grinders use the face of the wheel to contact the workpiece, while adequate for roughing, that grinding process is lacking in precision.

Easy to Program – Simple graphical screens allow for easy input of data to set the grinding cycle and conditions. 

Easy to Setup – A “Teach” button makes it very easy to touch off the wheel to the part and/or dresser.  This touch off process is not only easy, but very efficient.

Constant Surface Speed – To assure the highest degree of precision, the chuck spindle rotates at a variable speed with relationship of the wheel to the part.  This Constant Surface Speed function also helps to assure a consistent surface finish across the whole part.

Automatic Dressing – Maximum efficiency requires frequent dressing of the grinding wheel.  The SSR5 automates this process by automatically dressing the wheel when specified and compensates for the reduction in wheel diameter.

Thermally Stable Design – To maintain accuracy throughout the workday, a machine must be designed with thermal distortion in mind.  A thermally stable design will greatly minimize the effects thermal distortion as the machine heats up throughout the day.  All Amada grinders have been engineered to have exception thermal stability.

ECO Friendly Design – The SSR5 is an “All Electric” machine and therefore does not require a hydraulic system.







Specifications may change without notice at the sole discretion of Amada's Engineering Department.