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Horizontal Semi-Automatic Metal Cutting Band Saw H-550EII


Pressure Flow Valve

  • The cutting process can be optimized just by setting up the Pressure Flow valve to the target “material, shape and size”.

Cutting Depth Setting Unit

  • The blade descends horizontally. Tooling and dovetail grooving can be easily handled by adjusting a cutting end height.

Light Beam

  • The light beam unit allows for easy alignment of marks. One-touch operation of the manual feeder unit moves workpieces back and forth. In addition, the user-friendly double vise system is installed to clamp materials.


Machine Standard Features

  • Blade Deviation Monitor
  • Blade Hour Meter
  • Chip Conveyor
  • Cutting Depth Control
  • Cutting Rate Display
  • Light Beam Marking Unit
  • Motion Detector
  • Romote Blade Guide Control
  • Variable Blade Speed Drive
  • Wheel Cover Limit Switch



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