TVM 7600

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Productivity Features

Saw Head Tracking Type

  • Suitable for cutting long products without requiring large area.

Control System

  • The conventional flow control valve system requires subtle valve adjustment according to the quality and shape of each material being cut. However, with the CNC unit of this machine that employs the Amada's band saw technology, no such valve adjustment is necessary. All you have to do is to select the material whose cutting conditions have been registered in advance. then the cutting rate and the saw blade speed are automatically selected according to the selected conditions. In addition, the cutting conditions can be changed while cutting is executed. The cutting results and conditions of the saw blade in use are displayed on the monitor for quick reference.

Chip Conveyor

  • Cutting large-sized materials over a long period produces a large amount of saw chips. Equipped with a chip conveyor, saw chips are automatically carried off from the entire table, supporting continuous operation and eliminating the step of removing chips by the operator.

Rigid Arch Frame and Twin Rail Moving System

  • To ensure accurate cutting of large-sized materials and durability, a rigid arch frame and twin rail moving method are adopted. With the head vibration minimized during cutting, you can achieve precision quality straight cutting.

Automatic Positioning Mechanism (Option)

  • With the automatic index option, the material is held with the upper clamping unit and the cutting position is determined quickly without requiring manual operation. Also, use of this mechanism makes it possible to construct with a single material an automatic cutting system.

Machine Standard Features

  • Band Deviation Monitor
  • Chip Conveyor
  • Material Hold Down (At Upper Guide Arm)
  • NC Feed Control
  • Power Material Handling Systems (Not Auto Index)

Optional Accessories

  • Automatic Index