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Productivity Features

High productivity

  • High speed and high accuracy cutting
  • Spray mist coolant (Optional)
  • Cleaner work place
  • Cleaner cut pieces
  • Eliminate improper mixing ratios

Full Capacity Bundle Vises

  • Clamps on both sides and top
  • Handles structural, profiles or solids

Rear Indexing Vise

  • 78 inch single stroke indexing
  • Single direction index on short pieces
  • Constant clamping maintains bundle configuration

Front Pulling Vise

  • 23 inches per single stroke
  • Minimal Remnant
  • Clamping on both sides of blades

CNC Control

  • 30 blocks, 10 station per block
  • Self-diagnostics by error codes
  • Feeds and speed by material type

Machine Standard Features

  • 80" Single Index Stroke
  • Auto Guide Width Adjustment
  • Blade Deviation Monitor
  • Front Pulling Vise
  • Full Capacity Vises
  • Micro Processed Back Gauge
  • Self Diagnostics
  • Shaft-less Chip Conveyor

Optional Accessories

  • Roller Table