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CNC Graphical Profile Tool Grinder DV7M

DV7M is a graphical profile grinder model developed for grinding tools. Besides reciprocation grinding, the grinding wheel head swivel function enables one pass creep feed grinding, which reduces grinding time to one fifth and surface roughness to a half compared to other conventional grinders. This model is available in 7-axis control type “DV7MH” and 9-axis control type "DV7MU" and adds an advantage in grinding complicated profiles. Instead of use of a conventional projector, a CCD camera is installed to measure a profile, which allows for accurate fine grinding. In the meantime, AMADA MACHINE TOOLS' original CAM software and computer-based NC facilitate the programming control of three axes - one grinding wheel swivel axis and two table axes - and reduce setup time and grinding time.


  • Drastically reduces finish grinding time

AMADA MACHINE TOOLS' proprietary Automatic Wheel Head Swivel function enables one pass creep feed / “peel” grinding to significantly reduce grinding time. This is achieved through a linear motor drive which enables high speed grinding.

  • Shorter Setup Time

The automatic wheel head swivel function reduces the number of setups. A CCD camera and interactive programming software (CAD/CAM) are embedded as standard for easier operation.

For front and side clearances, creep feed grinding and creep & elevation grinding can be effectively utilized for programming and grinding the specified clearances.

  • Hydrostatic Guides

Hydrostatic guides are employed on X, Y, Z, C and W axes to ensure high accuracy smooth grinding and eliminate sliding resistance.

  • Mineral Cast Base

The mineral cast base is used to reduce oscillation damping time to one third (compared to cast iron) as well as to minimize thermal displacement and maintain high accuracy.


Formed Insert

Material : Carbide / Grinding length : 26.92mm

Grinding Conditions, Creep Feed Grinding

Type SD200N150MHR
Rotation speed
Cut / Path
Feed rate
(mm / min)
Cut / Path
Feed rate
(mm / min)
  • Comparizon of Grinding Time
60 min. 16 min.

Approximately 73% reduced grinding time

  • Measurement Data
Surface Roughness (Rz) (μm) 0.4267

* Grinding data may vary depending on grinding conditions and other factors.


Specifications may change without notice at the sole discretion of Amada's Engineering Department.