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Two Face Plate Mill PMH1308

Milling top and bottom surface of custom plate with PLATE MILL which is a specially designed vertical milling machine.


  • Conventional Cutting with Small Diameter Cutters
    When cutting a large plate with a smaller diameter cutter, it requires multi-pass cutting, and when the cutting-pass is increased, the machining time becomes even longer. Also, the multi-passcutting can leave ridgers between the cutting tracks, which requires highly skilled programmers to run the machine.

  • Cutting with PMH1308
    This machine is equipped with a large 20.669" (525 mm) diameter cutter, which enables the one-pass cutting of up to 19.685" (500 mm) in width, eliminating the ridges that are made with cutting with the smaller diameter cutter.


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PHM Series Plate Mill Overview


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