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CNC Graphical Profile Grinder DV1

Compact, chartless, fully-automated 3rd generation profile grinder

Graphical Profile Grinder DV1 is a state-of-the-art digital machine featuring the use of a CCD camera for automatic on machine measurement and automatic compensation, and can solve problems encountered by a conventional projector such as quality fluctuation, ultrafine workpiece grinding and efficiency.
The automatic wheel changer (ATC) system and automatic workpiece changer (AWC) system (optional) automatically change a grinding wheel and a workpiece and assure high performance to further increase productivity and utilization rates.
This model won the “Most Innovative Grinding Machine Award” at AMB 2008 (Germany), an authoritative exhibition held in Europe.


  • Automatic Measurement and Compensation
    Automatic image measurement using a CCD camera provides fully automated high quality grinding. The tolerance evaluation function automates compensation after finish grinding.
  • Full Automation for Consistent Grinding Quality
    Fully automated chartless finish grinding significantly reduces grinding quality inconsistency.
  • Response to Ultrafine and Micro Form Requirements
    Capable of completely meeting users' needs for grinding a micro form of 1 mm square or smaller that cannot be measured by a projector.
  • Compact & Full Cover Design
    Innovative full cover design saves space and opens the work area for easy access, and at the same time, significantly enhances work safety and environmental performance.
  • ATC & AWC System (Optional)
    The automatic replacement of a workpiece and grinding wheel can maintain extended unmanned operation, resulting in further higher efficiency and higher performance.

Specifications may change without notice at the sole discretion of Amada's Engineering Department.